Wedding menu 5

Non-alcoholicdrink: Coca-Cola, Mineralwater
Salad: Mixedsalad (tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, whitecheese, redpepper, egg, olives) – 400 gr
Starter: Stuffed potato with white and yellow cheese – 180 gr
Maindish: Barbeque (Pork chop, meat ball, meat stick, sausage ‘karnache’) – 350 gr
Sidedish: Sauteed potatoes – 200 gr
Pieceofbread – 60 gr

Price: 27.00 BGN
Service and decoration: 2.00 BGN per person

The duration of the wedding is 5 hours counting from the agreed start time.
Overtime(thistimebeginsafterthe 5 hours):
1 hourextratime – 100 BGN.
2 hours extra time – 200 BGN
The maximum extra time is no more than 2 hours.

: 1 + 12 =

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